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About Us

When my husband and I started a family in 2007, I realized while trying to decorate our son's nursery, that there seemed to be very few options for little boys, and zero options for personalization. This became the source of inspiration for starting my own business. I have always been someone who enjoys drawing and painting(right-brained all the way), and my husband is great at building things, so it seemed like an easy decision. While running my own business is not an easy task, it is very rewarding.


I create all of the artwork you'll find in our shop, and take care of the daily operations. My husband helps out when he is not working his full-time job by cutting all of our frames and wood backings used to create our wall art, and the dowel rods we use to hang our growth charts. We make a great team, and I am lucky to have him by my side.


We have 2 boys, 2 dogs, and 2 guinea pigs, so sometimes I feel like we live in a zoo, but it's our crazy zoo, and I wouldn't change a thing. I am extremely grateful for the oportunity God has given me, for the support of our family and friends, and for you, our customers who make this all possible.




Owner-Frogs & Fairytales, llc